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No...I'm not gone completely...

Wow...Been a while...But, yeah, I'm still around.  Just busy with life stuff.  You guys know how it goes.  And, we are now approaching one of my favoritest times of year...HALLOWEEN!!  Wanna see how we do Halloween at my house?  Take a look...I'm telling you, we go all out!

Zack, Jack, & John        Wreath
This is Jack, Zack, & John, just chilling on the porch       This is our festive wreath who's eyes light up                

TV Shelves        Steve, Arnie, & Capt. Jack
Light up skull, pumpkin, witch hat, & hand-in-a-jar      Jack Skellington, Arnie the Mummy, & Steve the Wraith

Mantle        Greg
Mantle w/ mansion, witch, skeleton & black cat        Greg the Grave Guardian who rises from behind tombstone

         Fred                   End Table & Clock
Fred loves to light up & talk to anyone passing by        Spider clock, pumpkin diorama, & flickering candle

Coffee Table         Bone Daddy
Coffee table dancers, grave buster & candy bowl                             Bone daddy's cemetery

Ben & Jerry
Ben & Jerry welcome visitors with lively chatter

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