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Okay, I have to say this...

Anyone watching ESPN lately probably knows what this is about...and, I have no doubt you are feeling a lot of the same things I am. But, as this thing stretches out further and further, I find my emotions boiling closer and closer to the surface. So, I've taken to LJ to vent out some things that have been playing out in my head and heart over the last few days...This isn't something I would usually spend so much time discussing or even thinking about, but the emotional impact it's having is just a bit much to keep locked away.  So, here is my not-so-little rant session and much-needed venting session...

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Mark Sanchez

Not an excuse, just an explanation...

I know I've been M.I.A. for a while...and, while I'm not going to make a bunch of excuses for neglecting my Livejournal, here's part of the reason I've been so distracted...
This is Wicket (little, grey female) and Fussy Boy (little, orange male).  
(Temporary names, of course, which are pretty self-explanatory.)

Both babies as well as Mom are on an antibiotic twice a day for a slight chest cold and an eye ointment once a day for a bit of eye discharge.  Also, Mom gets wet kitten food three times a day mixed with a bit of cat milk so that she doesn't lose weight while nursing.  Monday the babies get their first bath experience.  They are only two weeks old, so "bath" means a damp rag and baby shampoo.  Also, little Fussy Boy gets checked once a day for infection where he happens to be missing a rear leg.  It's healing very well, and he's moving around just fine.  So, hopefully, he'll be fine.  And, even more importantly, hopefully in a couple months they will have homes waiting for them to finish weaning off Mom.  Cross your fingers, guys.  These little Ewoks need all the luck they can get.

Brian - Hurt

Where were you?

10 years ago today I was nineteen and getting ready for class. My mom came and said the pentagon's on fire. We went to her room to watch the news. Then we saw what really happened. The twin towers burning, the pentagon burning, and field in Pennsylvania smoking. I spent the day in computer class surfing the web, trying to keep updated as things were happening so fast yet at the same time almost in slow motion. I watched as the field smoked; I ached as the wall burned; and I all but cried as the towers fell.

That's where I was the morning of September 11th, 2001. Where were you?
Mark Sanchez

Pre-season Week 1: Jets vs Texans

 That's right, guys!  It's that time of year again!  Football is BACK!  Gang Green is back in action in spite of the owner's best attempts to delay the season.  For those not paying attention, we've spent this off-season wondering if we were even going to get our yearly football fix.  The owners were demanding a longer season with less compensation to players while players were demanding more compensation for the same amount of work.  Yeah, it was a mess.  But, long story short, the deal got done, and it's time for them to hit the turf.

So, how'd the boys in green do in their first showing?  Well, the first string players (a.k.a. the "1's") didn't do badly at all.  Mark Sanchez completed 6 of seven for 43 yards, even though he only played for one quarter (about 20 minutes.)  Shonn Greene, who's been promoted from third-down running back to primary RB, ran five times for a total of 32 yards.  Derrick Mason, our new wide receiver from Baltimore, picked up 3 passes for 21 yards; and faithful WR Santonio Holmes snagged 2 passes for 17 yards.  Again, remember that these guys only played the first quarter, so small numbers are still pretty impressive.  

As for the second string (a.k.a. the "2's"), they played the last three quarters of the game...except for our quarterback, that is.  Our backup QB, Mark Brunell, injured his finger during practice, so our rookie 3rd stringer, Greg McElroy, played with the other 2's.  And, after his first quarter where he was a little spastic, he settled in quite nicely.  He threw for one TD and over 200 yards overall.  The rookie actually completed 23 of 39, which I'm pretty impressed with given the way he started out.  As for our other WR's and RB's...I must say I was less than impressed.  Don't get me wrong; there were some nice plays.  They just seemed to be the exception rather than the rule.  You could totally tell that head coach Rex Ryan wasn't very happy with his backups.  But, that is what pre-season is the newbies can work out their kinks.  Besides, with such an abbreviated off-season and such limited practice time behind them, these kind of mistakes were to be expected.  

So, how'd it end up?  20-16 Houston.  Yeah, we aren't starting off great, but it's just the first game, and it's pre-season.  So we'll just have to wait and see how things shape up over the next few weeks.  Here's keeping my green-nail-painted fingers crossed...

P.S.  For those who expressed concern regarding our Nala situation, a quick update.  Nala is doing sooooo well.  She's still a little off-balance when she's trying to go down off the furniture, and her voice hasn't come back.  But, she's walking, running, and even playing with her little brother, Stormy.  She went to the doctor last week and was officially, medically cleared and is off her meds now.  The vet actually said she looked like a perfectly normal, healthy kitty.  So, YAY!  And, thanks for the support, guys.  You are the bestest!!
Britin Embrace

She's home!!

 We did it, guys!!  Nala came home this afternoon.  She's still a little wobbly on the walking thing, but she IS walking.  She's talking, eating, drinking, using her litter box.  She's using her kitty steps to climb up on the couch and the bed.  She's Nala!  Everything I've read say weeks, possibly months for a full recovery, so we are still treading lightly.  But, she's made so much progress already.  Her expression is back to normal; she's even trying to jump around even though she's not really up to it.  We're having to watch her and help her learn to accept her current limitations as far as climbing and jumping.  But, the vet is optimistic.  She's got some meds we've got to give her daily, but other than that they said let her do her thing.  She will rehab herself as she feels like it.

We were so relieved.  It's not over yet...she still has a bit of a long road ahead of her as far as recovering her mobility, but we are just so grateful for the progress she has made in the last 48 hours.  Thanks for your support, guys.  It really has helped. :-)  I'll be sure to keep you updated.
Brian - Hurt

Okay, guys, I need you...

 Okay, I try not to do this kind of thing too often.  I mean, I started this as a place to post vids, and it has since evolved into my little place to rant/vent online, especially when it comes to football season.  However, I try to not whine too much about my RL stuff.  I know that's not why you guys come here.  But, guys, I need you...I need your thoughts, prayers, energies, whatever you are willing to send out...

See, I'm almost 30 years old and have firmly stated and stand by the belief that I do not want or need children of my own since I have my pets.  My dog and two cats ARE my kids.  I buy them toys, nurse them when they're sick, play with them, talk to them...everything I would do with a kid.  And, most importantly, I love them as if they WERE my own.  Stormy, my little black boy, is four this year; Chrissy, my blond scaredy dog, is eight; and Nala, my sister's pride and joy, is seventeen.  We've had all of them since they were only four to six weeks old, so they ARE our family and we ARE theirs.  So when something happens to one of them it's a huge deal in our lives, just like if someone's child was sick or hurt.

Well, something has happened.  Last night at about seven, Nala was sitting on the couch when she suffered a stroke.  She simply slipped off the couch arm and sat there as if she didn't know what had happened or what was going on.  When we tried to stand her up, her right front side was completely paralyzed.  She simply rolled over onto her head like her right leg wasn't even there.  Plus, her facial expression was way off.  She just looked totally out of it.  (The vet later called it a "neurological haze.")  After a brief exam of my own, I told my sister we were taking her to the vet immediately.  They confirmed my fear that it was, indeed, a stroke and told us she would need to be hospitalized for 24-48 hours to see if they could assess the damage and try to help reverse the symptoms.  So, this is where we stand now.  Nala is in the hospital surrounded by strangers, fairly disoriented and unable to stand.  The vet said today that she didn't appear AS disoriented as she was last night, but the prognosis is still undetermined, especially given her age.

So, we sit and wait and hope and pray.  We've all been where my sister is right now...facing that hideous uncertainty.  And, I can't do anything to fix it.  Also, Stormy is missing the crap out of his big sister...he's meowing like crazy, not understanding why she's not here.  My poor co-dependent little boy...another broken heart I can't help.  Right now, what they both need, what we all need is for Nala to come home.  My research into feline strokes has led me to a cautious optimism.  Cats, it seems, tend to recover better from strokes than people if it's caught early.  Hopefully, fate will be on our side.  But, I need your help...I need all the positive thoughts and energies you guys can spare.  I don't know what it's going to do to my sis if we lose Nala.  I know seventeen is more than respectable, but that cat is her baby.  Is anyone ever ready to lose their baby?  I know I'm not...never have been.

For those interested, here's a shot of the "baby" in question...Please pray for our little girl...
We need her home safe and well if at all possible.

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Smoky Mountains

I'm late with this...I know.

Okay, so I've been back from vacation for a bit now and have yet to post anything about it.  Sorry, guys!  I haven't forgotten about you; I promise.  And, to make it up, I've uploaded a bunch of pictures to go along with the oh-so-interesting vacation stories I'm determined to tell. :-)  So, for those of you who don't know (or remember) my sister and I along with a friend of ours went up to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park for a week.  We rented a cabin and drove into the park every day to go hiking and view wildlife.  We had so much fun.  It was my sister's first trip up there, and she loved it.
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Britin Embrace


I am so conflicted...The moral, holier-than-thou side of me is saying, "Death is never to be celebrated."  But, the petty, human side is chanting, "Take that, BITCH!"  And, honestly, right now?  The petty, human side is pretty freakin' loud...Should I feel bad about having what amounts to warm, fuzzy feelings about this news?  Cause I sort of do...but not really.  See?  Conflicted...


Ten years ago, this S.O.B. killed three thousand people in one morning.  That's not even counting the unknown numbers of innocent people he's had killed or killed himself over the years.  I sat watching for hours as the wreckages of planes and buildings burned and fell.  I watched for days as rescue workers dug until their hands bled, searching for survivors.  I watched for weeks as more and more pictures of "the missing" were posted, many never accounted for.  I watched for months as more and more security protocols were enacted to prevent it ever happening again.  And, I've watched for years as our military and intelligence agencies hunted for the man responsible.  Now, finally, it's over.  Not the "war on terrorism."  Like most wars on generic nouns, it will never be over (i.e. the war on drugs).  But, the final chapter can finally be written on Sept. 11, 2001.  The book can be closed, and a new one can begin...