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Jayce's Sanctuary

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Welcome! You've stumbled onto my own little corner of cyberspace where I'll be displaying my own fan-made music videos. My current obsessions are the TV shows Queer As Folk and Torchwood. Keep in mind that most of my vids center around the relationship between the two MALE lead characters in both shows. In QAF, of course, that is Brian Kinney (god, I love that man!) and Justin Taylor. For Torchwood, that would be Jack Harkness (if only I could box him up and give him to my sister for Christmas...) and Ianto Jones (him I'd keep for myself.) So, if you are less than appreciative of guy-on-guy relationships, kissing, romance, etc. then you should probably head on out now...Everyone else, welcome!!

I'm twenty-::cough:: years old, work full-time, and spend wayyyy too much time on the internet. Also, I'm very eclectic in my tastes of movies (everything from My Fair Lady to The Crow to Wall-E to The Abyss), TV shows (QAF to TW to Buffy to Smallville to Top Chef to CSI: Miami), and music (Epica to Daughtry to John Barrowman to Josh Groban to JC Chasez). I am literally all over the map as far as interests go. And, you should know I'm pretty sarcastic...in fact, almost everything that exits my mouth has something smart-a$$ed behind it. Don't take it personally...I'm also a speak-your-mind-er. If it's worth thinking, it's worth saying. And everything I have to say is worth hearing so listen up! (Did I mention I'm modest and humble, as well?)

Ah, well, that's about it. Me in a bright, shiny nutshell. Anything else you'd like to know, you're just going to have to break down and ask. See you around cyberspace!! :-)